Section One: Overview

Operation TWILIGHT VOID is a planned assassination of the entity known as Ichor.

If Ichor remains within baseline reality, its degenerative effect on reality will eventually spread throughout Earth, likely causing the complete extinction of the human race. This operation is managed by the dedicated emergency case handlers, and will be carried out through a team of specialists and military personnel. At the time of writing, Ichor has isolated itself to the Sonoran Desert, seemingly claiming the area as its territory. Its motivations are currently unknown.

Section Two: Specialists

Operation TWILIGHT VOID is restricted to specific personnel criteria. A team of experts are required to navigate Ichor's territory amd assassinate the entity. This team will be accompanied by research personnel in order to gain insight into Ichor's disposition.

1. Oscar S. Leonardsson: 36, male. Field expert. Leonardsson has led several manned explorations into parallel Earths. Leonardsson will be the team leader, guiding the exploration into the Sonoran Desert and navigating the unstable unreality of the area.

2. Farrow Young: 29, female. Unreality weapons expert. Young has conducted research into thaumic technology that is used in SCOPE explorations for weaponry, dimensional travel, and stabilization of unreality. Additionally, Young has received adequate field training, and will be accompanying the team in the assassination.

3. Kieran Emmett: 23, male. Mission coordinator. Emmett is an information technology specialist, and has coordinated several critical missions in the past.

4. Andrea Marquez: 25, female. Representative. Marquez has undergone undercover missions ranging in the dozens, adopting separate personas for each one. Experience in several fields, most significantly in communication. Can speak fluently in all Romance languages, and several languages of Asian origin.

Section Three: Justification

SCOPE is typically a non-violent organization. However, there always comes a time where existential threats cannot be solved with peace talks, when arms must be taken up as a permanent end. Ichor cannot be reasoned with or spoken to. Its very presence is a blight, a rot that will inevitably break down reality.

Existence is non-negotiable.

~ The Director

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