The Oneiric

World Designation Code: Earth-02o2

Congruency Factor: 3.7% | Deviant

SCOPE Synopsis: E-02o2, codename "Oneiric" is an Earth-like planet in a universe that does not obey preconceptions of physical laws. Physical interactions in E-02o2 are founded upon a constant state of chaos, and are inherently unpredictable via current technological means. The SCOPE-operated SYT-SEER AI has been leveraged in order to determine how to best continue research into E-02o2.

SYT-SEER has determined that:

  • The parallel physics of E-02o2 are due to a single cause, rather than several individual phenomena.
  • Intelligent entities exist within E-02o2, and are able to interact with the physical nature of E-02o2's home universe despite its inherent unpredictability.1
  • An interdimensional connection with E-02o2 will inevitably result in severe reality alteration.

Following these predictions, it was determined that all following interactions with E-02o2 and its native universe were to be shut down immediately, as per SYT-SEER's third prediction.

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