Operation Insight

Operation Insight

Section One: Overview

Operation Insight is an expedition into Earth-30f8 Codename "Vanished" led by a team of four specifically selected SCOPE Specialists. The main goal of this mission is to gather information on E-30f8's Calamity in hopes that it may allow us insight into our Cataclysm while giving us the opportunity to study their heightened advancements of technology and science.

This operation is to be carried out using a SCOPE Phantom Particle Powered Stringspace Traversal Vessel, or for short, a PSTV.

Section Two: Specialists

Operation Insight is to be led out by four SCOPE Specialists, each with their own varying skillsets and knowledge.

1. Robert C. Law: Twenty-three year old with a doctorate in engineering & physics, a pioneer of SCOPE Phantom Particle technology. His main goal will be to maintain the SPETV and keep it in functioning order while also studying the technology of E-30f8.

2. Annabelle J. Wright: Twenty year old author who formerly took an administrative position in SCOPE Headquarters. Her main goal will be to maintain an archive of any information gathered throughout the Operation.

3. Emily R. Fowler: Nineteen year old with a master's in biology, considered to be one of the most talented youths in her field. Her main goal will be to study the E-30f8 fauna and how it has evolved in the absence of the human race.

4. Axton L. Richter: Thirty-one year old archeologist and historian, a former professor at the University of Huxley. His main goal will be to investigate what the 'calamity' was and how it bought upon E-30f8's end.

Section Three: Justification

We know that SCOPE does not regularly carry out expeditions, we tend to be focused on simply observing these other worlds. However, we believe that exploration and close inspection of E-30f8 will potentially offer us insight into our Catacalysm, or perhaps even a way to prevent it altogether. It will also allow us to gather samples of their differing technology, biological matter, and other scientific advancements for the overall betterment of the human population.

To save our Earth.

~ The Director

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