The Vanished

World Designation Code: Earth-30f8

Congruency Factor: 63.6% | Fallen

SCOPE Synopsis: E-30f8, Codename: "Vanished" is an Earth that seems to be devoid of all human life. While remnants of a distant civilization still remain, they have since then decayed and been overgrown by local fauna as it has evolved in the absence of humanity. Despite this, it appears that a vast majority of all digital and mechanical technology has somehow remained functional and powered.

It is currently unknown what brought about the extinction of human life, however, many recovered documents speak of an impending disaster approaching their world, called the Calamity.

Before their supposed "Calamity," E-30f8 was extremely similar to ours. However, the complexity of the technology and science developed there seems to be far greater than that observed in our own world.

We suspect that an investigation into E-30f8 may give us some insight into what our Cataclysm actually is, and possibly a method of preventing it.

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