A Journey To The Mission's Start

Hello, Team Insight, I'm your PSTV AI, Villa. Please take a seat and buckle in.

Robert: I don't get why they gave us this crap, I can pilot this thing easier than my damn car.

I'm not just here for piloting. I also regulate all of the systems that are going to be keeping you alive.

Annabelle: That sounds vaguely threatening…

All systems set. One person has yet to affix their safety harness.

Emily: Yep, yeah, I got it. Sorry, uh, I got a little distracted.

Thank you for affixing your harness, we will launching shortly.

Robert: Hey Axton, you seem a bit off. You alright?

Axton: Just a bit anxious, that's all. I hope this phantom particle techie stuff works.

Robert: Chill, dude. I designed this PSTV myself, it's completely safe. 'Don'tcha trust me?

Axton: Of course… Well, I guess I'm ready then… Villa?

Just starting up the Phantom generator… Alright, do you want a dramatic countdown, or should I get right into the Stringspace?

Emily: Wait, what the hell is the Stri—

Robert & Annabelle: Dramatic countdown!

Alright! Three, two, one, blastoff!

The PSTV suddenly bursts into the sky— and despite being priorly warned— everyone but Robert lets out short gasp as the ship pierces into the Stringspace Dimension. Over the span of thirty seconds, the PSTV slowly smoothes out, going from a continual rumble to a calm, uninterrupted smoothness. The safety buckles & harnesses on the seats automatically unlatch, releasing the faint crew.

Axton: I'll never get used to this.

Emily: Me neither. And why don't I know what the Stringspace is? It sounds important to the operation. What is it?

Robert: Oh, why don't you ask the smartie-pants robot?

Emily: Dude, chill. Alright Villa, tell me about the Stringspace.

Well, Ms. Fowler, you're currently in it. The Stringspace is a dimension only reachable by using Phantom Particles, which are particles that are in a state of flux between realities. It was named the 'Stringspace' by Robert himself. To quote him, 'it binds us together, in a way.' It acts as a link between the different universes and worlds, a place containing a vicious current of particles, all of which form long strings, which constantly flow in every direction and phase through each other.

Robert sighs.

Robert: And honestly, we don't know much about how it works, we just know how to traverse it without killing ourselves.

Annabelle: Hmm. Well, we've got windows, let's go take a look at this 'Stringspace'!

Robert: They're actually screens, not windows. There's no light here because this place has its own physics and therefore, you can't see out of the ship. But we have everything visualized digitally— here, let's go take a look.

Robert stands and ushers the rest of the Insight Crew over to a large screen, which awakens to reveal a dot, which is quickly moving across numerous wavey lines, jumping from one to the next as they intercept with each other.

Emily: Whoa. This looks cool, but… What does it mean? We're the dot?

Robert: Yep. You see, in order to travel, the ship simply flows along with one string until it intersects with another and then it latches onto that one, and so on and so forth until it reaches its destination.

Your destination, Earth-30f8, approaches in t-minus sixty seconds, the Phantom Particle generator will be powering down imminently. Please return to your seats.

Robert: There's definitely more to research, but for now we at least know how to travel without dying. We also out our nice friend Villa here to help us out.

Yes, Robert, I was programmed specifically to keep you all safe on this journey by using all the knowledge we've collected together so that you don't have to bother with all these complicated calculations. Once again, please return to your seats, we're almost to our destination.

The crew rushes back over to their seats, promptly reaffixing their safety harnesses.

Emily: Looks like we're all clear, let's—

The world booms and the ship rumbles as it pierces into the dimension of E-30f8, leaving them azure blue above the green, desolate earth. They slowly descend closer as the PSTV equips its landing gear, a set of four wheels connected to a suspension system.

Allow me to find a clear landing zone.

The ship moves above a field, hovering in the sky for a moment before descending once more, allowing the suspension system to absorb the impact as the wheels recede back into the PSTV, lowering it to the ground. A family of nearby deer gallop away, startled by the loud, whirring sound of the ship.

Team Insight, you have reached your destination, The Vanished. Good luck on your mission, please call upon me if I am needed again.

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