Tag Guide


What even are tags?

Tags are at the bottom-left of almost every page in a small, grey font. By clicking them, you can find a list of all other articles tagged with that tag, which greatly helps site navigation & organization.

How do you add a tag?

  1. Click "Tags" at the bottom of the page.
  2. Type all of the tags that apply to the page into the box that comes up.
  3. Click "Save Tags"

Can I tag my own pages? What tags are there?

Absolutely! Just refer to the below table for an extensive list of tags:

scope-document - for documents created by SCOPE.
recovered-document - for documents created by peoples not in SCOPE, such as those from different worlds other than Homeland.
log - for logs of some kind. It could be a log of a camera feed, a transcript, etc.
tale - for good old fashioned stories.

hub - for hub pages such as the Parallel Earth pages, the Homeworld earth page, or series hubs.
parallel - for the hub pages of Parallel Earths. May be used along with the hub tag.

Keep in mind that some certain types of pages may have their own categories as well, such as the '/workbench:' category.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the SCOPE wiki staff!

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