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Site News

June 28, 2019

The site is currently in the process of implementing a lot of changes. The news feed hasn't been updated for a whole month following several incidents on the old website.
Originally, Admin Plasmium updated this feed. Due to several instances of abuse of power by our former Master Admin Liberonscien2 involving staff decisions without consultation, and the ban of several active contributors on the grounds of "I just didn't trust them", Plasmium was unable to do this job.

New users may be unaware of the fallout of the Liberonscien2 affair, as it was mostly dealt with behind the scenes. These events cumulated into a massive incident in which virtually all active contributors threatened to pull their work if Liberonscien2 didn't step down.
The circumstances of these events are quite unfortunate. In a desperate attempt to retain their power, Liberonscien2 decided to ban everyone who confronted them and remove their works as requested (with the exception of the site's theme and the synopsis of 'Homeland' on the Parallels Hub) and pretend to be a victim of blackmail and extortion.

SCOPE is not, and was never, under the ownership of Liberonscien2. They were but one of the three contributors who created the concept. The site was forged by LackOfOrison (account deleted), Plasmium, Liberonscien2, and later Ellie3. I would expect the same treatment if any of the four took control of the site and claimed it was their own. The project is a collaborative writing wiki. Though the project originated through all of them, it does not make it theirs. This sort of authoritarian undermining of the community will not be tolerated in the future.

May 28, 2019

We've got a huge redesign, complete with CC-compliant Escher designs and a manila folder design nothing else whatsoever. We're also considering logo redesign to simplify the overall aesthetic.

Ellie3's Fallen world—the "Vanishing" canon, is up, with plans to expand in the near future. The writing guide and rules are currently being fleshed out and/or completed. 😄

May 20, 2019

The site is finished with its makeover from the old green design, bleurgh. The Discord is now in fully functioning order, and located in the "media" section on the sidebar. Sidebar redesigns are coming soon.

The "Confederacy" canon is ready gone as of 06/27/19, and can be seen by logging in with your SCOPE credentials and viewing it. Other canon ideas are in the works.

Also, a little something secret is brewing in the Discord crypt.

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