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The following listed worlds are Parallel Earths under the SCOPE Program. They are designated by their Research Code: E-##X#, as well as their codename.
These Divergent Earths are classified as stated in the SCOPE System Code, P1R5: Cogent, Alt, Deviant and Fallen. Do not edit any compiled information on another SCOPE Project without consulting your localized SCOPE Administrator.

Research Code 11:8C



Earth-00a1 is our home. The Earth SCOPE is primarily located on.

The governmental archetype of E-00a1 is distributed among multiple countries, controlled mostly by the United Nations, the USA, and NATO, along with Russia, Japan and China. The currency primarily used on E-00a1 is the US Dollar, however other currencies are used, such as the British pound, Euro. The language currently spoken by the majority is English, with Mandarin at 34% worldwide.

Our world has come a long way, with bases on the Moon, as well as several specialist colonies located inside the Daedalus crater on Mars. The economy throughout much of E-00a1 is lacking, with riots breaking out among all major first-world countries due to news of the Cataclysm. SCOPE is a public program, and locations have been attacked and defended successfully.

Earth is dying.

Notable Documents:


The Vanished

E-30f8 is an Earth that seems to be devoid of all human life. While many remnants of civilization remain, they are greatly decayed as local fauna has evolved and overgrown these desolate structures. Despite this, a vast majority of all digital and mechanical technology has somehow remained functional and powered.

While it is currently unknown what bought about the extinction of humanity, many recovered documents mention a quickly approaching "Calamity." We suspect that an investigation into this world may give us some insight into our own Cataclysm.

Notable Documents:


The Oneiric

E-02o2 is an Earth-like planet in a universe that does not obey preconceptions of physical laws. Physical interactions in E-02o2 are founded upon a constant state of chaos, and are inherently unpredictable via current technological means. The SCOPE-operated SYT-SEER AI has determined that further operations within E-02o2 are extremely dangerous to baseline reality, and thus all insights into E-02o2 have been shut down indefinitely.


The Bizarre World

Earth-99z1 is the only known Hyper-Deviant world. The physics of Hyper-Deviant worlds are so drastically different that under normal circumstances they could not be parallels. But for some strange reason within this world there exists an Earth, allowing us to classify it as a parallel.

The Earth within this parallel has its own localized bubble of physics, and alongside itself is accompanied by a moon and an artificial sun. The nature of this parallel leads us to believe it's the results of cross-dimensional travel, rather than having originated there. Observations thus far show no signs of life or civilization on this earth, but we believe this cannot be the case.

How did this Earth get here? And why?

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