HAZARD Division

Informational Pamphlet & Manual

The following is a comprehensive list of all HAZARD Division ranking and vehicles currently in service. Deprecated models are also listed below, under the DEPRECATED header.

Vehicles In Service:

All Purpose Assault Cannon — (APAC):

The APAC cannon is an in-house designed long-range Kerning-electric machine gun. With a Gatling-inspired design and a fully modular and self-contained ammunition system, the APAC-53—the latest, most reliable design—can be implemented and installed onto any vehicles as necessary.

The APAC cannon contains 12 50-caliber barrels in a circular pattern, with Kerning-electricity generation modules located in a circular container halfways down the overall gun barrel. The gun is held by a 360-degree rotation-capable base, with both SPETV control and manual. The APAC cannon is capable of firing hundreds of electrically-propelled 50-caliber rounds a minute.

All-Purpose Helo for Infantry and Deployment — (APHID):

Boeing's APHID "Blackbird" helicraft is a large, dual-rotor vehicle capable of flying past 200-knots on average. It is outfitted with a bullet-proof glass driving visor, as well as dual APAC-53 machine guns. The APHID seats a maximum of 25 SMP Units, or a maximum of 10 hazard S&R Units.

The "Blackbird" is capable of carrying approx 4500kg (10,000lb) at any given point, while keeping its 200-knot maximum speed. The APHID is similar to Boeing's Chinook, in its dual-rotor design, however vastly improved. The Boeing APHID is sold to SCOPE alone.

AM General Heavy Trawler — (Trawler):

The AM General/SCOPE Trawler is a troop transport and heavy assault vehicle designed for missions in hazardous scenarios. The Trawler is capable of functioning in water, mud, snow, ice, and sleet, with bulletproof titanium-carbide plating. The maximum Trawler capacity is 30 SMP Units, with a maximum of 12 hazard S&R Units. The Trawler is outfitted with two APAC-53 heavy machine cannons, as well as a steel brawling grille at the front of the Trawler.

The Trawler is designed by SCOPE and manufactured by AM General, with heavy performance treads designed to assist in multi-terrain scenarios.

High Altitude Reconnaissance Cruiser — (H.A.R.C. "Canary"):

The Scully & Lockheed designed H.A.R.C. "Canary" is a vertical take-off and land, or VTOL aerocraft designed for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. With advanced cloaking capabilities and an average cruising speed of Mach 10, and a price tag of 250 million USD, these are used only in scenarios which require heavy firepower and demolition with no adverse effects. H.A.R.C. "Canary"s are equipped with two APAC-53 heavy machine cannons and multiple guided missile bays.

H.A.R.C. "Canary"s are designed as radar-evasion aircrafts, with the engines located on 360-degree mounts. Able to lock in at both 0-degrees and 90-degrees, the vehicle is able to lift vertically off any surface, before turning its engines mid-flight to engage flight mode.


SCOPE Riot Unit:

SCOPE Riot Units are paid mercenaries trained in crowd control and protective measures. All SCOPE Riot Units are heavily armed and function usually as police, protecting all SCOPE Installations from attacks, organized or not. Although a vast majority of SCOPE Units are prior convicts, all SCOPE Riot Units sign an oath of fealty contract before working.

Riot Units are equipped with SIG Sauer handguns, as well as Beretta submachine guns. They are also outfitted with full Kevlar body-armor, as well as a steel baton. The SCOPE logo is printed on each shoulder pad and the helmet is outfitted with bulletproof glass as a visor. Riot Unit soldiers can be and are prosecuted if utilizing police force outside SCOPE facilities.

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