The Bizarre World

Parallel Designation: Earth-99z1

Parallel Group: Hyper-deviant

Synopsis: One of the first things we did with Parallel Observation technology was to test its limits. To see how close and how far we could possibly go. Our countless tests found that after a certain point worlds begin to show drastically different laws of physics. Often these worlds would have no Earth whatsoever, and thus could not be called parallels. At the furthest reaches of the multiverse were clusters of worlds that had laws of physics entirely different than that of our own, these worlds almost without exception did not share an Earth.

Now, I did just say 'almost'.

There is an exception. A world we've given the designation Earth-99z1, dubbed simply "The Bizarre World" by our researchers. Isolated within a world with entirely different physics is a bubble that shares our own, and inside is an Earth, complete with a moon and an artificial sun.

We have no clue how it could have possibly gotten there, and our researchers have been left baffled. Due to the extreme distance at which this parallel has resulted in us having to produce new technology to consistently observe it. There are no life-signs on the surface of the planet, but the nature of this unique wonder has led us to hold this in doubt. How did this world come to be? And for that matter, why?

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